Website Editing, Updating, & Maintenance Services

Already have a Squarespace site and looking to have some changes made?

We are here to help you get what you want out of your website!


We love to work with clients who are ready for updates on their sites, whether it’s a full makeover or just updating basic information.

Maybe you went in to make a change and it didn’t turn out quite like you expected? Or there is just a little something off?

Need to connect your social profiles so those cute little buttons actually go to your Facebook page?

Did you look at your website on your phone and have a heart attack? Letters all jumbled? Yep, that happens ALL. THE. TIME. We’ve got you.

So, how do Squarespace website edits work?

  • We walk you through how to give us access to your website. We’ll treat it well- we promise!

  • You let us know what you need

  • We give you a quote and communicate along the way if we believe we need to go beyond the quote. No surprises!

  • Likely, we will come across a few items that need some love and we’ll show you what could be different and offer to fix it

  • Most basic edits can be completed within a day or two, with more complex changes taking about a week or longer

  • Basic edits are 70 / hour and most take 1-3 hours.

  • Want to know how we fixed it so you can DIY next time? Just ask! We like to share!

Don’t ever want touch the “back end” of your site?

We get that, and offer maintenance programs for sites we build, as well as for existing Squarespace sites. Depending on your needs, ongoing maintenance starts at 200 / mo, with options to add on blogging, social media, and in-depth SEO.

Basic Monthly Maintenance includes:

  • changes to hours

  • calendar updates

  • page updates

  • weekly check-ups to ensure all links, buttons, and pages are performing properly

  • option to add on blogging and SEO maintenance

View our portfolio, gather your info, and set up a time to meet!


Squarespace Website Edits & Updates FAQ:

Can I add anything on? 

Probably! Things like MailChimp campaigns, social media management, or SEO fixes can be added on to any project.