What to ask when choosing a website designer?

Do you know what questions to ask when interviewing designers for your new site? How do you tell if it's a good fit?

Here are just a few tips!

✳️Consider what you are looking for. If you don't know this yet, be sure to choose a designer that is willing to help you figure out this pre-process.

✳️ What type of experience do you want your user to have? (AKA usability!)

✳️What platform is the website going to be on? Do you want to be able to easily add things, do updates on your own, change hours, blog, connect social accounts or would you like this done for you?

✳️ How will your site look on mobile devices?

✳️ How does the site support video and images?

✳️ What is the turn-around time? Are you and the designer on the same timeline?

✳️ What if you want to make changes later? What is the process and the cost?

✳️ Are you interested in metrics? How can these be shared to show ROI and improve your goals and customer experience?

✳️ What about SEO?

✳️ Ask for references. Don't just look at past work; take the time to call a previous client and ask about their experience!

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How was your last website design experience? Did you get what you wanted? Are your customers happy? We'd love to hear from you!