SEO = Search Engine Optimization


What happens when you Google your business’s field, topic, or niche? What shows up and how does it look? This is SEO in the most basic of terms.

On one end you have a person looking (searching) for something, and on the other end you have the Search Engine (typically Google), and somewhere in there is your website (and your competitors’ websites). Ideally, your website designer or SEO company has laid the ground work so that Google’s analytics knows when and to whom to serve your website. There’s more to it, but those are the basics.

In order to know how to improve or maintain your rank (what number you show up as in your ideal keyword search), we need to know where your site stands in your field. The first step is to perform an audit of your business’s online presence. Next, we can decide together, based on your budget and goals, what the next step should be. From there, we hustle, so you don’t have to!

The Audit: Get an in-depth analysis of your online presence, social media strategy, and your business’s search-ability (SEO - Search Engine Optimization).

This is a great first step in creating your online marketing plan, or to catch up if your online presence has been on the back burner.

Whether your brand new to marketing or have been doing it forever, your business will benefit from this analysis, while you’ll learn about:

  • Google My Business

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Offline ways to increase your marketing

  • Social Media Strategy (specific to your business)

What do I get?

  • Packet outlining your audit

  • One-hour consult to discuss the analysis and answer your questions

  • An opportunity to submit specific questions about your business’s marketing and / or the above-mentioned platforms

  • An in-depth analysis of your business’s online presence and social media strategy

  • Direct and actionable suggestions of what to do next

  • One follow-up email or phone call to answer further questions

  • 5 % off your next service with 2 Sense Social

Audits start at $650. Pricing based on business size, location, and field.

The SEO Fix: A ‘fix’ of all things SEO-related to your business.

This is the best option for smaller budgets and companies that don’t have consistent content to generate, or have less competition in their field. We recommend doing this bi-annually to stay on top of changes in hours, products, and services offered.

What do your customers find when they look for you and your products? This basic SEO Fix is a great first step in digital marketing.

What do I get?

You will receive an update to your business’s:

  • Google Analytics Account & Set up of Google Webmaster Tools

Description, Hours, Location, Contact Information and Images on:

  • Google My Business

  • Yelp

  • TripAdvisor

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Other local sites as available

  • 3-10 images of your business, or use of your images if desired

SEO Fixes start at $650. Pricing based on existing accounts and accessibility.

SEO Maintenance Plans: Monthly plan specialized for your business to keep your SEO current

Our SEO Maintenance plans are super-specific to your business and your field. Below, you’ll find a selection of what your plan could include. Please contact us for a quote specific to your needs, and remember to ask for your multi-month invoicing discount.

On-going maintenance plans are best for your businesses if you:

  • Need to keep your competitive edge

  • Need to keep in touch with current customers while reaching new customers on a regular basis

  • Have serious work to do to improve rank

  • Achieved a good rank and want to stay there

  • Are new and aren’t ranking

  • Are rebranding

What could I get:

  • Social Media Posts created to increase website engagement

  • Content Creation and Optimization

  • On-Site Optimization

  • Local SEO Analysis and fixes

  • Pixel Installation / Retargeting Advertisements

  • Keyword & description updates to all pages of your Squarespace site

  • Blog posts

  • Calendar updates

  • Response to online reviews

  • Google Analytics Connection and Analysis

Average maintenance plans range from $200-600 / mo.

View our portfolio, gather your info, and set up a time to meet!