Why choose Squarespace as your business’s website platform?

Why should I choose Squarespace for my website?

And, why should I choose 2 Sense Social to build my website?

Fair warning, this is not an ultra-technical article on Squarespace functionality or capability. It’s my opinion on how convenient, aesthetic, and business-minded it is to use Squarespace as the platform for your next website.


I get question number one above from time to time, most often from other website designers who prefer WordPress. Full disclosure: I do not know or write code, nor do I pretend to, so WordPress just isn’t for me. If you can write code, then, yes, WordPress may be a good platform for your website. There are many differences between the two platforms, but for me, knowledge of code vs. no need for knowledge of code is the first and main deal-breaker. Required updates and plug-ins are a close second.

Based on my experience, most business owners aren't in the business of writing code; they’re in the business of selling their product, rocking their niche, taking care of their clients, and doing their amazing thing (whatever it may be). Most business owners want a website that they can easily update, that offers a great user experience, and communicates their brand’s unique story and identity. Business owners don’t want to be calling their website designers to get their hours updated, to get a plug-in update completed, or to fix a broken link. Most business owners at least want the option of being able to update and edit their websites.

Don’t want to ever even touch the “back end” of your site? We get that, and offer maintenance programs for sites we build AND for existing Squarespace sites (click here for more info on website updates, maintenance, and make-overs).

What about other “drag-and-drop” platforms?

Plain and simple, they just aren’t as easy or as intuitive to use as Squarespace is. That doesn’t mean you can’t use them, or that they don’t have their place. It also doesn’t mean you need to ditch your existing site and jump ship (more on when to jump ship in our next blog post!).

When you visit a website, do you consider the aesthetic and functionality of the site, in terms of how you view the product or brand? Everyone wants to have a good experience when using a website, and no one likes when things don’t work, are confusing, out of order, or are hard to find. How many times have you found yourself leaving one site and going to another because you couldn’t get to where you wanted to?

Other drag-and-drop platforms are full of glitches, broken links, and oftentimes come with a look that screams “I was made on the fly and no one cares about me”. Wouldn’t you rather your site say “Welcome, please enjoy your time here, let me know if I can help?” or “Yeah, I know I’m great, but I’m relaxed and cool about it?”


Here are my top 5 reasons to choose Squarespace for your next website, whether you are building the site yourself, using 2 Sense Social, or have found another Squarespace Circle Website Designer that meets your business’s unique needs:

  1. They look good.

  2. Help is there (whether that’s the immense amount of help pages, a human phone call, or me). It’s easy to find help and to get issues remedied in a timely manner.

  3. You’re in control of your website, your domain, your content. It’s yours to touch, to update, or to leave alone. Plus, I can teach you how to use and how to update your site in about an hour!

  4. People love Squaresapce sites. See #1.

  5. Google loves Squarespace sites. Ever heard of a little thing called SEO? Squarespace sets you up for success with search engine optimization (SEO).

So why go with 2 Sense Social for your business’s new website?


We care about and take serious pride in what we do. We work with you closely during the on-boarding and design process. Once the site is complete, it’s yours - you are in control!

If you need updates, I teach you how to make them. If you want me to make updates for you, I can. I have a 1-day turn-around time on basic updates, and a 2-4 day turn-around time for more complex changes.

Because I am a Squarespace Circle member, I stay up-to-date with current trends, new releases, functions, and all things Squarespace that benefit and affect your site and your business.

I study and analyze current trends in social media and SEO best practices, and work with you to implement a plan that makes sense for your business and your specific sales, growth, and marketing goals.

I have worked with 14 business owners to get their sites online and working. View 2 Sense Social’s website portfolio and get in touch today!