The 2 essential things your website must accomplish in 2019 + Why we offer website design exclusively in Squarespace

There are two essential elements to any website in 2019. Your website must be:

  1. mobile friendly

  2. easy to find

Your domain doesn’t have to be the be-all-end-all of your site, as long as your website loads nicely and plays nicely with Google’s search engine. This means you must pay attention to your SEO, your social media channels, your mobile optimization, and more.

Squarespace makes these potentially daunting tasks doable.

Your website does not have to have all the bells and whistles and sidebars and whiz bang flashy things, as long as your ideal customer can:

  1. find your website and

  2. navigate to the info they need on mobile.

Squarespace makes social media integration, email integration, and online sales a breeze. There’s no need for plug-ins, updates, and ongoing maintenance to keep your website functioning.


SEO is the main component that needs to be maintained, or ‘loved on’ as I like to say, and Squarespace’s analytics gives us the data we need for continual improvement.

Because we live, work, and breathe Squarespace, we are also able to offer updates and fixes to Squarespace sites that we didn’t build. Is your Squarespace website in need of a little tender loving care? Head hear to get started on a make over for your website!

Just have a few questions on how to edit or change things around in your Squarespace site? Schedule a chat session with me and I’ll answer as many questions as we can get to in an hour - plus if you stump me during the call I’ll create a how to video just for you with the answer. Cool, right?!

There are a ton of additional reasons to go with Squarespace:

  • You can update it yourself - no need to hire an expensive coder to do it for you!

  • I can teach you how to use your site in under an hour and am here for you along the way if you want to dive deeper into updating your site on your own! My background is in Education and Adult Learning - I got you!

  • It can do #AllTheThings like:

    • schedule

    • take payments

    • simple or complex form for clients to fill out before they reach you

    • take reservations

    • share a portfolio

    • blog (Squarespace even offers a super easy to use app so you can blog from your phone!)

    • online store

    • memberships and log ins

    • maps & directions

    • sales funnel

    • reviews

Want to get crazy fancy and code your site? Squarespace does allow coding, despite the rumors.

You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to your Squarespace site. You own it and you are in control. Want to make changes, move away from Squarespace and more? I’m not sure why you would want to BUT it’s totally possible!