Meet the people behind 2 Sense Social


Holly Harmon, owner designer

Holly dreamed up this company out of a desire to assist small-business owners succeed in an ever-changing online world.

From that initial dream and desire, 2 Sense Social has grown into a company that serves entrepreneurs, creatives, small-business owners, real estate agents, coaches, and more!

Her background is diverse and lends itself well to working with a variety of companies and organizations. Here’s a taste of just a few of the wild things Holly has done: Sheet Metal Worker (for real!), Commission Shoe Sales, Whitewater Raft Guide and Safety Boater, Whitewater Kayak Instructor, Children’s Ski Instructor, Preschool Teacher, Preschool Director, Children’s Museum & Marketing Coordinator, Doula, Horse Handler, Adaptive Sports Intern, Infant Toddler Specialist, Online College Instructor, Gardener, Barista, Bar Manager. . . and probably a few more things she shouldn’t mention.

Seriously, though - Holly has done a variety of things in her time here on earth and is most happy helping others. She finds joy in the outdoors, with her son, and sharing her love of learning with adults and children of all ages.

Holly holds a B.S. in Recreation and Parks Management, as well as an M.A. in Educational Psychology, Human Learning & Development.


Jen hillebrandt, marketing know it all

Jen joined the team earlier this year, because she HAD to step in and help with proofreading (it’s like a superpower with her; we’re thinking of getting her a cape), and she’s been ramping up her duties ever since.

She, too, is a renaissance gal like Holly, and has been known to garden, consult, coach, tree-trim (she misses her chainsaws!), park ranger, teach elementary and preschool, tutor, edit poetry, and “sling” books at an indy bookstore, to name just a few occupations.

She volunteers for our local film festival, and is on the board of CB Hope, a local resource for suicide prevention and support.

Her most important role in life, however, has been to parent and nurture her daughter, who is about to graduate from high school (wait, what??)!

Her passions include traveling, being in the great outdoors, Marvel and Star Wars movies, reading ALL the things, and being of service.

lindsey 2 sense social.jpg

Lindsey Freeburn, (SMWW) Social Media Wing-Woman

Lindsey’s been a part of 2 Sense Social since its infancy and loves helping local businesses connect with customers like it’s the twenty-first century (turns out millennials are pretty good at that sort of thing!).

She’s a fabulous wing-woman when it comes to all things social media. When she’s not busy strategizing with business owners and generating content, you can find Lindsey skiing, hiking, climbing, floating the river, and wildflower-ing it up with her other job at the Crested Butte Wildflower Festival.

Lindsey earned degrees in Sociology and Environmental Studies from Western Colorado University before making Crested Butte her home. She’s heading to graduate school this fall, but we’re comforted by the fact that social media magic can happen from anywhere in the world…literally!

The muscle of 2 Sense Socialjpg

Jason, Holder-downer of the fort

Jason helps with loads of behind-the-scenes things here at 2 Sense Social. He is our back up proofreader, opinion giver, and delivery driver.

He catches all the things that would have fallen through the cracks.

He’s also our muscle, so don’t mess with us ;)

All joking aside, Jason offers insightful business advice, serves as a consultant, and offers a unique perspective.

2 Sense Social Staff.jpg

Zayden, Chief of childhood operations

Zayden assists with design elements, offers a youthful perspective, and keeps us on our toes when it comes to the hip new things the kids are in to.

He’s also pretty witty and willing to lend a hand whenever necessary.




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