Business Card Websites

Need a super basic "business card" website that is aesthetic, tells your story, and gives your customers somewhere to land? 

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What is a business card website? 

  • A business card website is an ULTRA basic website that is designed to give your clients a place to land and gather basic information about your business, such as:
    • location
    • hours
    • contact
    • mission / purpose


What do I get for $499?

  • A 2 page business card style website
  • Content Suggestion
  • Photography if applicable (up to 3 images), for example a shot of your store front, head shot, etc. 
  • Social media integration (links to your social media accounts that already exist, if accounts need to be created a $129 fee will be charged.)
  • A 1 hour training session to familiarize owner with site
*Does not include SquareSpace Fees, chosen by client (this typically runs about $16-$30 a month, plus a yearly domain fee that averages $20 year. Client chooses and payes this direct to SquareSpace.


Can I add anything on? 

  • Probably! Things like MailChimp integration & campaigns, social media management or SEO Fixes can all be added on to the project. 


Can I update this website myself? 

  • Probably! Individuals who can use a computer, the internet and navigate online with ease likely can update this type of website on their own with little to no assistance! 


⬆️ is not me! How will I get my website updated?! 

  • Included in your fee is a one hour orientation and training session to familiarize you with your site. If you need more assistance updates to the site or additional training is available for $50.00 / hr. 


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