Business Card Websites

Need a clean, basic "business card" website that is aesthetic, tells your story, and gives your customers somewhere to land?

A Business Card Website is an ULTRA basic website that is designed to give your clients a place to go and gather essential information about your business.

Business card websites often share information such as:

  • location

  • hours

  • contact

  • mission / purpose

With all website design services we highly recommend Monthly SEO Maintenance after your website is launched.

Business card websites are perfect for smaller businesses and smaller budgets

Business card websites start at $500



Business Card Website FAQ:

What’s included?

  • a 2-page business card style website

  • Content suggestion

  • Photography if applicable (up to 3 images); for example, a shot of your storefront, head shot, etc.

  • Social media integration (links to your social media accounts that already exist. Creation of new accounts are $129).

  • a 1-hour training session to familiarize owner with site

*Does not include Squarespace fees, chosen by client (this typically runs about $16-30/month, plus a yearly domain fee that averages $20/year. Client chooses and pays this directly to Squarespace.)

Can I add anything on? 

  • Probably! Things like MailChimp integration & campaigns, social media management, or SEO fixes can all be added on to the project.

Can I update this website myself? 

  • Probably! Individuals who can use a computer, the internet, and navigate online with ease likely can update this type of website on their own with little to no assistance!

⬆️ is not me! How will I get my website updated?! 

  • Included in your fee is a one-hour orientation and training session to familiarize you with your site. More assistance, updates to the site, or additional training is available for 60 / hr.