Facebook Lives

Let's talk Facebook Lives.

Do's and Don'ts of Facebook Lives

What is a Facebook Live? It's an option to post on Facebook with a live video that shows up on your followers’ news feed during the Live, AND later if you choose it to. 

Why Live? Video content is where it's at, and that isn't changing anytime soon. People often are purchasing from you because of YOU (not necessarily what you are selling). If your customer gets a chance to see you and experience you they are more likely to trust you and purchase from you. Plus, there are so many words and images on social these days, if someone is scrolling along and sees moving content WITH sound + YOU- Bam! You now have their attention.

Some do's and don'ts of Facebook Lives:

  • DO consider your lighting and sound. No one wants to hear wind, loud crowds, or see a scary, darkly lit face.

  • DO smile and be yourself (enough with the 'hey guys, I just wanted to pop in, etc.) Talk like you talk in REAL LIFE.

  • DO be cautious of your “um”s, “and”s, “like”s, AKA Disfluencies - so consider what you are going live for, and why, before you go live.

  • DO use notes, but DO NOT read straight from your notes.

  • DO tell people you will be going live so they know when to expect you.

  • DO encourage comments and shares during your Live (don't write this later - comment and share are big NO-NO words!)

  • DO go back later and look at your metrics. What you can you learn from this?

  • DON'T talk forever- short and sweet is great! OR, play around with and try various lengths to see what your followers are into.

  • DON'T forget to go back and edit your title - make it amazing and catchy!

  • DON'T always just sit there - show your world, your product, your staff, family, behind the scenes - keep people interested!

  • DON'T give up! It gets easier!

Have you been live? What tips would you add? Have more questions? Let us know!