5 tips to keep on top of your social media for your business as the summer gets busy!

Summer is here and if you haven’t yet come up with a plan to stay on top of your social media for the months ahead, now is the time!

Because we all want to be doing this:


Not this:


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  1. Have a plan and plan ahead - This doesn’t have to be intense or super precise, but it needs to be done. At 2 Sense Social we like to use a variety of content-suggestion calendars, and calendars that are local to the accounts we are managing. Our favorite content suggestion calendar right now is from a company called Promo. Promo offers a free, monthly calendar that has the important things like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and of course national Rosé Day. We use this for things that are fun and relevant to each account and it helps us make sure we don’t miss anything important like National Donut Day. We love taking advantage of local calendars, sharing events, and coordinating with other accounts (it pays to spread the love!)

  2. Use a tool to help you plan. We LOVE Later and have found that our clients do too! It doesn’t matter what you use, though; just pick a tool that works for you and use it! Excel spreadsheet? Hand-written calendar? Courier pigeon? #whateverworks.

  3. It’s ok to be spontaneous. Did you plan your feed out and only to want to post that ideal rainbow shot you just snagged? We say #GoForIt . The days of ultra-curated Instagram feeds are on their way out and spontaneity and #RealLife is 100% IN. Now don’t get us wrong, we still love a gorgeous, aesthetic feed - it’s human nature to be attracted to patterns and order, but we also get that life happens and some times that life is amazing and worth sharing, right now!

  4. Organize your photos, ideas, calendar, must-haves, sales, events and #allthethings. We use Later for this as well DropBox and Google Drive. Planning your feed AND content out ahead of time is a huge headache-saver. There is no use in planning the perfect feed if you forget about National Donut Day and you’re a donut shop and happen to have a cup of coffee scheduled for the same day. Get organized- it’ll save you time in the long run.

  5. Don’t plan your whole summer! We like to schedule roughly 2 weeks ahead of time. Any less and you may find yourself in a lurch and any more and you’re bound to need to add, edit, remove, and rearrange at the last minute. 2 weeks is the sweet spot.

  6. Bonus Tip: Ask for HELP! We love to assist our clients in managing their social media, whether it’s full-on management or training to get you on track, we are here for you! Just need a month to catch your breath? Have an event you’re running and need a hand with your online presence, SEO, and social media management? It’s what we do!


We’d love to hear your tricks for keeping your cool this summer and staying on top of your social media! Just comment below.