I’m so excited you’re here and I know you can’t wait to get started.

you’re in the right place :)

I'm looking forward to getting your site going for you! In order to keep everything on track and organized please read this page carefully and proceed to the next step so that we can begin your website!

If you’re here you have already spoken with Holly or had an in person consult and are ready to begin the website design process!

  1. Your first step is to fill out this form.  After that, I will send you a quote with a contract. Please complete this as soon as possible.

  2. Once your contract and first payment is received I will send you a file to place your logos, font names, color codes, any images you’d like to use, your website copy, domain information, etc.

  3. Next, I will create a mood board based on your form responses, our initial meeting and your brand. I will then run that by you for approval and you will have an opportunity to request changes and edits. Once approved I design your site, plug in all of your copy (images, your copy that you will submit, etc) and then we enter the second round of edits / approval.

  4. From there we will do a final approval and at this point the site will go live. We will then schedule a time for me to teach you how to update the site. Once the site is live any additional updates can be done by you, or I am happy to help at my hourly rate of $50 / hr.


    • Up to 5 pages

    • Content suggestion

    • Photography if applicable

    • MailChimp Integration if applicable

    • Social media integration

    • 1 one-hour training session to familiarize owner with site

    • Does not include SquareSpace fees. Does not include MailChimp fees.

You can review Squarespace's plans here.  As long as you don't want to take payment / sell products online the business plan is perfect. If you are looking to do commerce then please review the Online Stores tab here.

So how long will all this take? Good questions, and like all good questions, the answer is ‘it depends’.

Here is my suggested timeline, but please keep in mind that there is ‘homework’ on your end. So long as I receive copy, images and feedback from you in a timely manner than the following time line works great!

Week 1: Complete questionnaire, contract, and first payment

Week 2: Project begins once the above is complete + all copy + images, logos, fonts, domain information, etc. are submitted (estimated start date based on all copy being submitted)

Week 3: Mood Board shown to you for approval + schedule images to be taken if necessary (or submit images by week 2 along with copy)

Week 4: First revision of website

Week 5: Final revision of website + final payment + Site goes live! + schedule training to teach / hand over site